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PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Started – Link & Time

PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Started on 18th May 2021. You can register for PUBG Mobile India in India now. Indian Government banned PUBG mobile in India back in September 2020. All the gaming and PUBG fans were left disappointed and they started to try other alternatives. But none of them was as exciting as PUBG Mobile India. The company broke ties with Tencent and was looking for any local partner who can store all the data in the country itself but nothing worked out. Nowm Krafton has announced that PUBG Mobile India will be launched with name changed. New name for it will Battlegrounds Mobile India – BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India – BGMI

The Battlegrounds Mobile India pre registration will start from 18th May 2021. As we know the PUBG Mobile India is rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India, we do not know how the in-app purchase will work. There will be some changes in the maps and skins too. We are waiting for the starting of Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration.

Global VersionPUBG Mobile
Indian VersionBattlegrounds Mobile India – BGMI
StatusApproved by Government
TopicPre-registration of Game
Pre-registration starts from18th May 2021
Game Launch dateClick Here to Show
Latest VersionDownload 1.4.0

What will be different in Battlegrounds Mobile India – BGMI

PUBG mobile was banned because of the privacy of the users. Now the company will keep extra care for user data, players’ security, and privacy. There will also be many changes in the gameplay. It is being said that there will be less blood spilling in this version and even the color of blood will be green. Also, all players will be in full clothes when they land in the game.

PUBG – Battleground Mobile India Download link [APK+OBB] Beta

The game is different in many ways and even the maps can be totally different from the global version. We can’t say if players ID or achievements will be recovered in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company will even host many tournaments to increase the popularity of game across the country.

Registration Link

battlegrounds India pre registration


The players below 18 years will require consent from their parents and after that, they will be able to play. For minors, the game can be played for three hours per day only. Also, the minors will not be able to spend more than 7000 Indian Rupees in the in-app purchase.

BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre registration

There are a few benefits for the players who will take part in the Battleground Mobile India pre-registration. As we know that the pre-registration for the Indian version of PUBG will start from 18th May 2020, you must take part in the process. The game will be release for Android devices.

We are not clear about the iOS version release of the game yet. Krafton says that the players who will take part in pre-registration will get some rewards. These rewards will be claimed by the players when the game is launched in India. It is being expected that the Battlegrounds PUBG India will be launched on June 10th, 2021.

How to Pre-book Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration will start on 18th May 2021.
  • The registration process is not clear yet. But we are expecting that the pre-registration link will be there in the play store only.
  •  The players will have to visit the Google play store and search for Battleground Mobile India – BGMI.
  • The App will be shown on your screen and you will see a button labeled as Pre-Register or Pre-Book now.
  • You will have to click the button and enter all the details that are being asked by the app.
  • After that you will have to submit the form and also the app may ask for the pre-registration fee.
  • Once you are done with that, Your PUBG Mobile Indian version will be booked and you will be able to access it after the launch date.

The Battleground Mobile India pre-registration link will be enabled and provided on this page. You should wait until the registration process starts.

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