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Plague Inc Mod APK v1.18.5 Download 2023 (Paid Unlocked)

Plague Inc Mod APK is the best time pass game and we can say this game is fun and terrifying at the same time. We have unlocked some paid features like Genes, Diseases and No ads.

Sometimes there is more exploration in the character for a villain than there is a hero because being a villain is what people like. They play to that. People want to know about the villain, how they operate, their thoughts and beliefs that could, according to them, “change the world” for the better. Unfortunately, many games out there only pursue the hero’s tale, which, in my opinion, tends to be a cliché move.

I, personally, am a fan of diversity and as much as I’m fascinated by the self-righteous powers of heroes, would also like to step into the shoes of a villain once in a while. Luckily,, a developer and publisher based in Switzerland, heard my cries and that of others and decided to bless us with Plague Inc, whose better version is the Plague Inc Mod APK for android.

What is Plague Inc Mod APK?

You ever watched a film whereby a character, deemed as the villain, intends to release a deadly virus on the face of the earth? Technically, all these movies have the same ending whereby, a team of heroes step in and singlehandedly stop the villain’s plan in style. The upset is that we don’t get to find out what it would’ve been like in a world infested by a deadly disease because the producers just want to showcase their newly profound saviours of the universe.

I, for one, get curious enough that I’d create random fantasies of how the world would be infected and the best way in which the villain would do so without failure. The Plague Inc Mod APK puts you face to face with such scenarios on your smartphone. It is a game that allows you to develop and name your own kind of virus or plague and poison the entire earth. The more people that get infected and die, the better your ratings and higher the points earned.

Apk Version Info

NamePlague Inc
Size55 MB
Last updatedFebruary 25, 2021

Download the Plague Inc Mod APK Latest Version for Android

The Plague Inc Mod APK stimulates the earth and epidemic process in full detail consisting of three difficulty levels. You are the virus and to win, you have to evolve and spread across the world wiping out all humankind in the ultimate plague.

The game is a true masterpiece with an incredible AI system that strives at stimulating what would happen in a real-life scenario in the palm of your hands. Download the latest version of Plague Inc Mod APK for free below. And unlock all premium features of the original version.

App Features

Real-life simulation

The Plague Inc Mod APK is considered a hyper-realistic model of the world that forces you to think of what would happen in real life and, therefore, plan your strategy to evolve your disease accordingly.

All diseases unlocked

all diseases unlocked

Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Parasites, Prion, Nano-viruses, Bio-weapons among others are some of the many diseases you can use to test the effectiveness of the villain inside of you. In the original version of the game, some of these diseases would have otherwise been unlocked forcing you to upgrade, which is technically, a paid option.

Global epidemic scenarios

Do you have a specific epidemic or plague scenario in mind that you would like to relive? Then with the Plague Inc Mod APK, you stand a chance at controlling various scenarios that had occurred such as the Mad Cow Disease or Smallpox. You can even settle for some that are currently in progress like Global warming while others like Mirror Earth and Teleportation serve as fictional scenarios.9

Custom Scenarios

Do you consider yourself a villain genius capable of coming up with a masterpiece plan of wiping out all life on earth? You can custom your own scenario and test your limits or choose from the many already customized scenarios available.

Speed Run

Test to see how fast you can clear the earth of all life before the “heroes” eventually show up.

No ads

Designing a virus and finding the optimum means of its transmission requires utmost concentration and this would be impossible to work on when you’re constantly being distracted by ads. Unlike the official version, the Plague Mod APK is ad-free giving you better user experience.

All genes unlocked

With the official version of the Plague Inc game, you are limited in the number of genes you can access to make your virus more effective. However, with the Mod APK for android, all genes are unlocked giving you utmost control of how best to render all life on earth extinct.

How to Install Plague Inc Mod APK on Android?

Step 1. No need to worry about the below steps. These are so simple and you can perform easily.

Step 2. Download latest Plague Inc Unlocked mod from our servers. We have given direct download link and recommended browser is brave.

Step 3. Go to the file location where it has been stored.

Step 4. Now, Navigate it and Tap on the game apk file.

Step 5. If you are new to this type of installation, you make welcomed with the security popup. Go to the settings and allow unknown sources option to proceed.

Step 6. Now, install plague inc mod game on your android device.

Step 7. Open it and play. Have fun with the diseases and viruses.

Final Words

With millions of downloads, Plague Inc Mod APK serves as one of the best free-to-play, high strategy and terrifying realistic stimulation for Android devices. Download the latest version of the APK today and take the role of the villain that producers would’ve otherwise cut out of the scenes.

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