AdGuard VPN Premium APK v2.2.17 DOWNLOAD 2023 LATEST VERSION

AdGuard VPN Premium app is the latest app from the AdGuard Team and which is aimed to provide fast, reliable and secure VPN service for the users around the world. Here, we unlocked their pro features for free. That means one can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for free.

As more energy is invested in upgrading the security of the internet, a similar amount of energy is also used to degrade it through malware and malicious software. Such security breaches can come in many forms and the most common one is ads and that’s why you need a proper working software like the AdGuard VPN Premium APK to help us stay safe and secure online.

What is AdGuard VPN Premium APK?

AdGuard VPN Premium is a popular ad-blocking application produced by ADGUARD SOFTWARE and specializes in blocking many types of ads when using your device without rooting it. It is technically your first line of defence against internet security breaches and effective ad-blocker.

Basically, free app only serves a certain amount of bandwidth for the users and after that, you will be redirected to the upgrade page to make a subscription. With our unlocked mod, you will get unlimited bandwidth that you can use for free.

Download AdGuard VPN Premium APK for Android

AdGuard VPN Premium offers reliable and manageable protective while connected to the internet blocking all annoying ads that interfere with effective user-experience. You can download the free and official version from the app store, but it doesn’t filter various app’s traffic nor does it have the safe browsing feature available in the premium version.

However, to upgrade to premium and have all its features unlocked, one would require to have paid a subscription. However, the modified version of AdGuard Premium allows you to access all these features for free. Get the latest mod APK of AdGuard VPN Premium from the link provided and maximize the security of your Android device.

Apk Version Info

NameAdGuard VPN Pro
Size27 MB
Last updatedSeptember 29, 2022

Download: AdGuard VPN v2.2.29 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download: AdGuard VPN v2.2.29 MOD APK


Ultimate data protection


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the notification that pops up informing users that a certain website collects cookies. If you’re like me, you’d obviously click on “Allow” so that you can move on with the content of the domain. There may be some third-party cookies through which third-party websites collect your personal data. However, AdGuard uses specialized modules to hide your IP address and block any suspicious activity going on without your consent; thus, protecting your data.

Effective ad-blocker


There are currently thousands of ad-blocking software in the market, some of which may do their job, but still contain malware. Others require your device to be rooted which is a potential risk. Such software ends up wasting too many resources on your device just to block a few ads and in the end, affects the performance.

With AdGuard premium, the ad-blocking procedure is a natural process that consumes the least number of resources and doesn’t affect the performance of your device. This way, you can surf the web without worrying about an overused memory.



AdGuard VPN Premium offers a Killswitch option that allows you to block access to the internet whenever the connection if the VPN drops. This way, without a VPN, access to the internet will be denied allowing you to stay safe from online predators.

Access to a variety of worldwide servers

AdGuard VPN Premium avails a massive VPN system that has access to about 20 servers from different countries around the globe. Once you open the app, AdGuard uses your IP to automatically pick out the best server that would enhance your browsing speed. Users can even select their most preferred country to which their IP address would be masked.

VPN modes


With the AdGuard VPN Premium, users get to choose between two modes including:

  • Regular mode: For this mode, the app works on all domains connected except the sites from the exclusion list created by the user. To block access to any specific site, this mode would be most suitable at offering exceptional results.
  • Selective mode: When this mode is enabled, AdGuard VPN would only work on the websites from the personalized list of the user.

Advanced settings VPN mode

Here users get to choose between two other modes including:

  • VPN: All traffic would be routed through the AdGuard VPN application automatically. However, using this mode, one cannot run other VPNs at the same time.
  • SOCKS5: The VPN would run a local proxy server which can be used by other apps to route their desired traffic through it. It is, however, recommended that you use this mode only if you are aware of what you’re doing.

Unblock various websites and content


Sometimes I may need to access a website which turns out to be blocked in my region, or the users from my region are restricted access. Either way, it can be a frustrating experience, especially if you put in the effort to look for that specific content. AdGuard VPN Premium disguises your IP allowing you to unblock any restricted website or content you need.

How to Install AdGuard VPN Pro APK on Android?

Step 1. From here, download the latest Adguard VPN Pro APK for your android device.

Step 2. Now, navigate to the downloaded APK file where it has been stored.

Step 3. Open any file manager and find it.

Step 4. Tap on the APK file and allow this source option. This option allows you to install an Android app from other sources.

Step 5. Install AdGuard VPN Mod Apk on your android.

Step 6. Open it.

Step 7. Signup with the email address.

Step 8. Choose the VPN server (location) you want and connect to it.

Step 9. Now, you are an upgraded user.

Old Versions of AdGuard VPN Premium APK 

Apk Version Info

NameAdGuard VPN Pro
Size10 MB
Last updatedJuly 29, 2020


AdGuard VPN – fast VPN proxy
AdGuard VPN – fast VPN proxy
AdGuard VPN – fast VPN proxy
AdGuard VPN – fast VPN proxy
AdGuard VPN – fast VPN proxy

AdGuard VPN optimizes user activity on the device while providing a reliable layer of security. From strict requirements on the protection of personal information, we create the most stable lock for your operation. The IP address will be hidden after the application is up and running; no one will find your trace on the websites you just visited, which is the best thing. Policy restrictions will be removed, and you can now experience the full version!


The stability and long-term attachment of AdGuard VPN to the market is something that users must recognize. The application deserves to be trusted and chosen with long life and trending updates. After all these years, it’s still a layer of defense that blocks malicious ads and protects devices from anywhere. Millions of people own it; that’s why we push the improvement even further!


The evolution of the proprietary VPN protocol has created an anonymous space that allows the device to go anywhere without being detected. A perfect camouflage is formed that makes it impossible for the opponent to block your right. Accessing the site without access rights or keycards is the best condition.


In the interface of AdGuard VPN, there will be a virtual key that allows you to create a special list for websites you do not want to join. The user needs to make a decision by clicking on the names listed and moving them to the exclusions section. Your entertainment and workspace will not be disturbed by them anymore!


The device’s coverage location will be worldwide as the servers are connected to each other without any special policy restriction. Connecting information sources will be faster when there is a supporting application. The server will offer several options to help you get a better experience, and the menu will be right next to it to serve the control process.


The reason for AdGuard VPN to build this smart platform is to protect information for servers and users’ online logs. The IP address will be hidden or exchanged; the user information will be locked with a password. However, you can still do web surfing and shopping as usual. The networks connected to the machine are also not listed as allowed objects; this will be the safest security layer!


AdGuard VPN is available in more than 35 countries and is now recognized even more for its customer-focused policies. The task of protecting user information, providing a path to allow access will continue in the future. With a support switchboard anytime, anywhere, technical issues will be reviewed in the fastest way. Leave your needs and comments about the application down below; we will solve all your problems!


  • Take back your privacy.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Add site to exclusion.
  • Uncompromising security.
  • Widely known around the world.
  • Optimized connectivity.

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